By Brittany DeVries

Since 2012, I have been involved in documentary and narrative film projects that seek to be a voice for children, telling untold stories, advocating for change. When Conrad Weaver approached me to consider joining the Scars of an Orphan producing team I immediately connected to Diana’s powerful true story.

Was I abused as a child, or adopted as a teenager? No. But my husband and I were foster parents and intimately acquainted with the trauma resulting from neglect and abuse. We believed in every child’s right to live in a safe, loving family yet we could not ignore the challenges associated with older child adoption as we spoke with friends and support groups.

Until recently, when international adoption was discussed the voices of adoptees were often ignored. This is changing. Movements like #FlipTheScript  have given adoptees a platform to share personal perspectives and experiences. I am proud that Scars of an Orphan tells Diana’s story from the adoptee’s perspective. It is an opportunity for us as storytellers to acknowledge and give voice to the adoptee’s experience.

Diana’s story is unique because it is about the transformative power of forgiveness. How could she come to forgive a mother who abused her so terribly? This was not “another adoption story” but a testament to how our lives are transformed when we choose to forgive. This change results in a ripple effect touching future generations, as seen by the tender love Diana now has for her daughter.

I love how in film making we can tell stories from different viewpoints, giving the audience a glimpse into another world. It allows us as humans to empathize with an experience or person that we would otherwise not encounter or know. My prayer when you see this film is that you will also connect with Diana’s story, perhaps finding hope and healing in your own life.

Brittany DeVries is a producer for Scars of an Orphan. DeVries is the founder and producer at Seedling Media Productions.