About the Film

Diana Prykhodko

DianaScars of an Orphan will tell the true story of Diana Prykhodko a young orphan girl who survived – yes, even thrived against insurmountable odds. Diana escaped from her abusive mother only to be left alone, scarred, and hungry on the cold streets of Kiev, Ukraine. But through a series of unlikely events and amazing encounters, she discovered a very different life. Scars of an Orphan will tell her remarkable story.

Partnering with a number of amazing film makers, producers, writers and directors, we’ve put together an award-winning team who is excited to bring Diana’s story to life on the big screen. We plan on casting actors from the USA and Ukraine to make this a truly international film. Our goal is to produce a movie that gets national and international attention in order to get wide distribution in theaters around the world. This is a story that must be told.