Seedling Media Productions

Brittany DeVriesBrittany DeVries, Producer

“Planting seeds, growing ideas…” Seedling Media Productions is dedicated to the creation and development of content that is innovative, creative and advocates for social issues. Our offices are based out of Panama City, Panama but thanks to the technology advances of the internet those we work and collaborate with are located all over the world. In the last three years our work has successfully lobbied for new legislation (Dear Panama, 2012), been selected by several film festivals and nominated for “most inspirational” (A World Without Orphans, 2015). Grassroots screenings, large and small have been held in Hawaii, Thailand, mainland U.S. and Panama. Feature narrative Contra la Corriente was one of nine work-in-progress projects selected by the Panama Film Commission to exhibit at the 2016 American Film Market.

We pride ourselves in using media and film not just to entertain but also to inspire, impacting issues that matter. As the landscape of film changes so does our approach – whether it be a documentary, feature narrative, reality show, doc-series or VR we’ll be there communicating to influencers and moving change forward.